Q1. There are so many proposal ideas out there, why would I need to hire Absolutely?

We are proposal experts! Our proposals are completely custom and based on both you and your partner. A generic idea from the Internet, from an anonymous source isn’t going to do your relationship justice. We take into account what makes the two of you special while paying attention to all the details.

Q2. What if my partner is upset with the fact that I used a proposal planner because the idea wasn’t my own?

Our process is specifically designed with your thoughts and ideas at the forefront! We want to know all about you and your partner! What do both of you like and dislike, what are your favourite memories, what is unique to your relationship? We are creators and we need your help to tie the intricacies of your relationship into a remarkable moment. Think of us as Cupid’s little helpers. We’re glad to help where you need it. You call all the shots, while we ensure that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

Q3. What does my budget need to be?

We are dedicated to writing the next chapter of your story. We will work within any budget. With our creativity and skills we can pull together a perfect proposal that meets any budget.

Q4. What if I want to remain an anonymous client?

Your secret is safe with us! We will remain unseen and unheard of by your significant other, as well as friends and family. Feel free to take in the special moment and the deserved credit that comes along with it. After all, you’ve helped create this proposal as well. We just assisted with some of the heavy lifting.

Q5. I have an idea of how I would like to propose, but I’m not sure how to make it happen!

Luckily, we accommodate that! Tell us your vision and we’ll take it from there. We will handle the logistical side of things that can be a bit tedious and time consuming.


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