Helicopter Ride and Mountain Top Landing - Hanif's Proposal to Fatimah

These girls made our dream come true, it was absolutely flawless. Everything from the helicopter ride to the couples massage. We have such fond memories captured on video and in photos. We will never forget this day and we will always cherish this moment for the rest of our lives. We will definitely be using this company again.
— Hanif V.

He already knew what her dream proposal was, no need for custom ideas with this one! Fatimah's dream was to take a helicopter to the top of a mountain and be proposed to surrounded by snow and fresh mountain air! 

Absolutely made Fatimah's dream come true - the tricky part was executing her dream and ensuring she'd be surprised. Absolutely reached out to her best friend and sister to have all hands  on deck. Absolutely and Rizwana, Fatimah's best friend worked on a script she would say to Fatimah. When ready, Rizwana called Fatimah, excited she had won a prize at work: a helicopter ride! The catch? They would be accompanied by a photography and videography team to capture content for their website the day of. Next, we reached out to Hamidah. Fatimah's sister to take her out for a sister-date at the spa. They would be getting their hair and nails done. 

With all the pieces of the puzzle set, we needed to swap Rizwana for Hanif and make it believable. We instructed Rizwana, to call in sick the morning of the proposal and to have the team onsite in on it. We worked with everyone involved, the team at Alpine Helicopters Inc., our photographer, Jeremy Martel at JM Photography and our videographer, Harrison Burton with Glass Stone Cinema to act confused when the couple arrived. When Hanif and Fatimah arrived, the Alpine Helicopters Inc. crew mentioned they had thought it would be two women, Fatimah explained how her friend, Rizwana had caught the flu and that her boyfriend Hanif would fill her spot. Next, the couple was mic'd up by our videographer and again he mentioned he thought that he was filming two women - "not to worry," he instructed "we will make this work!"

Hanif, Fatimah, Harrison and Jeremy all attended a safety demonstration before boarding the helicopter. They took a beautiful flight through Marvel Pass before landing on the top of a mountain. When landed, Hanif couldn't wait to pop the question and when he did, she said "Absolutely!" Jeremy and Harrison captured it all! The day proceeded with a full engagement shoot atop the mountain and then again below at the Alpine Helicopter Inc. base. It was a short drive to the second location, Quarry Lake, Canmore AB. After the photoshoot, Hanif and Fatimah enjoyed the day in Banff and Canmore before enjoying a romantic couples massage. 

Little did I know that on Saturday November 11, 2017 I would get engaged to my best friend Hanif Virani. Thank you to the ladies at Absolutely Proposals for perfectly executing the plan to make it happen! They magically transformed our dream into a reality. From the moment I set foot on the helicopter I knew it was going to be magical. From the scenic views to the dream proposal to the photo shoots that made us feel like we were celebrities to the relaxing couples massage... ALL of it was absolutely amazing. Thank you for capturing our most precious moments and for giving us the opportunity to re-live those moments through the videos and photos. We definitely recommend Absolutely Proposals to everyone out there and thank them once again!
— Fatimah J.

Photography: JM Photography
Videography: Glass Stone Cinema
Helicopter Company: Alpine Helicopter Inc.