Surprise Corner, Banff Justin's Proposal to Sylvia

My proposal was a dream come true and I had no idea it was happening! I’d recommend their services to any other guys out their looking to blow away their girlfriend, soon-to-be fiancé!
— Sylvia G.

It was a Wednesday afternoon when Absolutely received the call from Justin saying “I bought a ring!” After very exciting congratulations were shared, our next question was “When would you like to propose?” Justin’s answer: “Saturday!”

The Rathwell proposal was the quickest one we’ve put together as of yet. After our initial conversation with Justin, Absolutely was quick to gain all the intel we needed on the couple. With the information in hand, Absolutely planned out an evening that was sure to be a surprise and fill Sylvia’s dreams of spending forever with Justin. 

Absolutely planned a night in Banff full of surprise after surprise, a ring and true love. Here is how the day panned out. Justin – in advance – told Sylvia that he had a trip to Banff planned out and they were going to The Dancing Sasquatch – his choice! While Justin and Sylvia packed their bags and got ready to hit the road, the Absolutely girls were already in Banff with candles, champagne, rose petals, chocolate and all the fixings in tow. With lot’s of time to spare, Absolutely worked with the hotel staff to ensure that Sylvia and Justin’s room would be decorated to the nines when they got home from their dinner. Next, the team was off to the restaurant, with a single red rose and a love letter prewritten by Justin, addressed to Sylvia. Absolutely pre-arranged with the the hostess to hand Sylvia her single red rose and love letter from Justin when a reservation came in under “Rathwell.”

With the stage set, it was show time! Sylvia and Justin made their way to Banff and arrived just in time. After checking in to the Banff Convention Center and going up to their room to get ready for dinner, the hotel front desk staff was eagerly waiting for the couple to return and ask for directions to the Lynx Restaurant. You may be wondering “Where is the Lynx Restaurant, sounds interesting!” well, the Lynx Restaurant was ‘code language’ between the Absolutely girls, the Banff Convention Center staff and Justin. When the couple returned to the desk and asked for directions to the Lynx Restaurant the staff was ready for their cue and drew Sylvia and Justin directions to Surprise Corner. Surprise Corner is a beautiful spot overlooking the Chateau, creek and the snowfall on January 13, 2017. As Sylvia and Justin walked to their destination, they notice a stair case that lit the way up to a lookout point. Curious, the couple took the scenic route. At the top of the stairs, Sylvia and Justin found themselves alone, surrounded by twinkling snow and a million dollar view. This is where the magic happened; Justin and Sylvia went from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancé!

After embracing their moment, the newly engaged couple made their way to the Three Ravens restaurant where Sylvia had her second surprise. After giving their reservation name, Sylvia was handed her single red rose and note from Justin. At the table, Sylvia took the opportunity to read her letter in privacy and the couple enjoyed their dinner.

Behind the scenes, once Sylvia and Justin were seated the Three Raven called Absolutely to let us know the big surprise - the proposal - was over. At this point, Absolutely called the concierge at the hotel and arranged for the hotel room to be decorated, champagne put on ice and bubble bath drawn. After dinner, Sylvia was greeted by her third surprise of the night, their room had been completely transformed.

Planning the Rathwell proposal was a quick turnaround and very gratifying, Sylvia and Justin are a beautiful couple and their love story is very inspiring, we wish this couple the very best in their future and can’t wait to see their save the dates!

Caleigh at Absolutely Proposals helped plan the small details that made my proposal go perfectly.
— Justin R.