You had me at "The OC" Cody & Kelly-Anne's Love Story

Caleigh and Ali are great! I came to them with an idea and they helped me transform it into so much more - all the while keeping it a secret. I’m getting married!
— Cody S.

The Meet

Once upon a time, in Calgary, AB, there was a boy and girl who met outside Aberhart Highschool. The boy drove a Jeep and on that day in autumn of 2005 he gave her a ride home from school. It was not love at first sight, in fact it was quite the opposite, he thought she was spoiled and she thought he was a jerk. They came from what seemed like 2 different worlds. However, one night while at a party, they ended up sitting alone together and began to talk. What they soon realized was that they had many things in common, they had the same birthday, (WHHATTT) they both loved watching The O.C (still do ;) ) and their favourite song at the time was James Blunt - "You're Beautiful." They spent hours talking that night and their friendship grew from there. She soon realized he wasn't a jerk, he could make her laugh till she cried, and he realized she wasn't spoiled, she was loving and cared deeply about the people in her life. As the months went by their feelings started to grow from friendship into something deeper and on a freezing cold New Years Eve night (2006-2007), they finally admitted their attractions to each other.


The First Date

It was Valentines Day, the most cliche romantic day of all time, and thats the day they decided to have their first date, just to really put the pressure on and make them both incredibly nervous. She raced home from school because he was going to pick her up and take her out, she needed to get ready and look her best and she didn't have much time. As she straightened her hair and fixed up her makeup in the bathroom, she asked her little sister to sit at the window and tell her when he arrived. She soon heard her sister yelling "he's here, he's here! And he has flowers!" She took a deep breath and tried to pry the giant smile off her face as to not look like a complete dork. He walked up her front steps, flowers in hand, feeling more nervous than ever before. She opened the door and there he stood, with 12 beautiful red roses, looking as adorable as ever. He looked at her and smiled, she had red lips and a red head band in her hair for valentines day, he felt excited to finally be going out with her. She took the flowers and put them in water and they left together, nervously driving to the restaurant called "Green Olive." She was so nervous she just picked at her food, eating slowly, trying to not to get any pasta on her face, while he did the same, praying he wouldn't drop any into his lap. They laughed and talked and eventually began to relax, having a wonderful first date. Though this was their first date, they did not become "Official" until March 4th, 2007. As they sat together on his couch, in his basement, arms wrapped tightly around each other he turned to her. He kissed her on the lips, looked into her eyes and asked her if they could officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. She smiled, felt the butterflies in her stomach fluttering around, kissed him back and said she would love to. And that began the love story of Cody Steele and Kelly-Anne McGillis.


Over the next 10 years...

...the boy and girl started to grow up together, they became a woman and a man. They would have the best conversations and sometimes talk about the dumbest things and just laugh and laugh. They would tease each other relentlessly, and they balanced each other out in all the most important ways. They travelled together, from Mexico to Arizona, to Montana and to the East. They lived in many different homes together in Calgary, from the south to the north, and eventually found themselves in Cochrane, where they plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They spent as many weekends as possible driving to the mountains, spending their summers in Fairmont BC. This place became a second home to both of them, they planted trees, mowed lawns, renovated cabins, built fire pads and went rafting on one or two occasions.


The Proposal

The man approach Absolutely knowing that he wanted to spend the rest of his like with the woman, he wanted it to be intimate and he wanted to include both their families that meant a lot to them both. It was the Eve of Christmas, everyone was gathered around a feast fit for kings and the decor was set. This year it was the man's turn to say grace, as he shared his thanks he began to confess his love for the woman, why he loved her so much and how he couldn't live with out her. In front of all of their loved one he got down on one knee and she said Absolutely. The couple then spent the rest of their holiday in celebration at their cabin where they chose to say their vows, a place that will always be special to them.  

Absolutely continues to work with Kelly-Anne & Cody on their engagement party as well as Kelly-Anne's bridal shower and bachelorette party.


The Absolutely Girls

One of my most important days was magical because of Absolutely! My fiancé had ideas that were turned into a reality! I wouldn’t have changed a thing!
— Kelly-Anne M.