Why Us 

Absolutely launched in 2016 and has quickly become the leading proposal planning agency in Alberta. We LOVE love and with a 100% success rate, Absolutely is creating memories one moment, one story, one couple at a time. Our experts will be your little secret and bring your proposal dreams to life. You and your partner will be sharing your story for years to come. So, why not ensure your partner will be thrilled to tell everyone just how much you blew them away!


Why a proposal planner makes sense

So you are about to ask the biggest, and probably most important, question of your life and you want this moment to be perfect. Everyone knows nothing is perfect, but with our help it will be pretty close!

We will start by sitting down for a cup of coffee, so you can share the wonderful chapters of your love story. From here we’ll dig a little deeper with some questions expertly designed to reveal what you and your partner have always envisioned for your proposal.  Next, we will take it away to the drawing board and come back to you with personalized  ideas to choose from. Once you’ve picked the winner it is time for you to sit back and relax, we’ll take the reins from here. We will do all the planning, booking, decorating, setup and teardown - all you have to do is show up and ask the love of your life that magical question! We’ll even capture the moment so you can reflect and share it with loved ones for years to come!


Save time

Life can be busy and hectic, sometimes it’s even tough to find time to run errands. Add in planning a top notch proposal and you may run out of fuel. With our help you can pull all the strings from behind the scenes while we do the leg work. This can free up some of your time for other endeavors, perhaps ring shopping?

Save Money

With our service you’ll have access to preferred local vendors and suppliers at discounted rates. We have negotiated these various partnerships to provide you with your ideal proposal at a much lower cost.

Keep your secret safe

It can be difficult to plan an incredible proposal while keeping it all under wraps. There is so much to organize and keep hidden from your significant other. Thankfully, with our help your partner will have no idea what is in the works. We will take care of any phone calls, shopping, or set up that needs to be done. This way you won’t have to come up with an on-the-spot explanation for why you have four-dozen candles in your sock drawer.

Eliminate stress

We all know how stressful proposing can be. There’s so much to think about from the ring, to the location, to the decor, to the photographer, to keeping it all a surprise. Relax! With our help you eliminate some of those worries off your list. This will allow you to spend your time building excitement for the moment you get down on one knee.

capture the moment

Your proposal is going to be an event you and your partner reflect on and share with friends and family time and time again. Therefore, we’ll provide you with access to professional photographers and videographers to capture the big moment.


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